BAAMUM NAFI (NAFI'S FATHER) 4th of June, 1 p.m.; Filmpalette

R.: Mamadou Dia; DCP; OmeU; 109 min. TICKETS

UNE MÈRE (ONE MOTHER): 7th of June, 6 p.m., Filmhaus Köln

Regie: Mickaël Bandela; DRC / Frankreich 2022; OmeU; 86 min TICKETS

SANKARA: 10th of June, 4:30 p.m.; Lichtspiele Kalk

Realisation: Yohan Malka; Burkina Faso/France; 2021; OmeU 60 min TICKETS

SUN RA – SPACE IS THE PLACE during the event "Afrofuturism - more than Science-Fiction" 8th of June; Filmhaus Köln

Paneldiscussion 6 to 8 p.m TICKETS SUN RA - PLACE IS THE SPACE: OmeU; DCP;  8 to 10 p.m. TICKETS

IT’S OFFICIAL! #AFFK is Europe’s Best African Film Festival!

IT’S OFFICIAL! #AFFK is Europe’s Best African Film Festival!  

Audience Award for Best Documentary: THE LAST SHELTER - Director: Ousmane Zoromé Samassékou

The "House of Migrants" is a place of refuge in the Southern Sahara. Here, migrants can recover from everything they have experienced and take a rest…

Audience Award for Best Feature Film: THE GRAVEDIGGER'S WIFE - Director: Khadar Ayderus Ahmed

Guled and Nasra live with their son Mahad on the outskirts of Djibouti. The family is trying to make ends meet on Guled's meagre wages as a…

Diversity Film Award: BASHTAALAK SA'AT (SHALL I COMPARE YOU TO A SUMMER'S DAY?) - Director:Mohammad Shawky Hassan

The title of an Egyptian pop song BASHTAALAK SA'AT ('I miss you sometimes') and a sonnet by Shakespeare SHALL I COMPARE YOU TO A SUMMER'S DAY question…
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Diversity Film Award - Special Mention: IRRÉPROCHABLE (FLAWLESS) - Directed by Anaïs Lonkeu.

Laura, a primary school pupil, has a crush on the only black presenter* with his own news programme on French television. When he suddenly disappears…
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Audience Award for Best Short Film: LA DANSE DES BEQUILLES - Director: Yoro L. Niang

Penda is confined to a wheelchair and begs to support herself and her mother.Her passion is dance. She finds ways and means to reach her goal. endowed…