Film program about the revolution in North Africa

After the political upheavals in North Africa began, FilmInitiativ started presenting films from the region that reflected the causes of the revolts. Later, films about the course of the political and social struggles in Egypt, Tunisia and other Arab countries followed, as well as initial cinematic reflections on the results.

These films were presented in Cologne in the series "Game Over" (May 2011) and "No More Fear" (October 2011), with a preview of the film "Tahrir - The good, the bad and the politician" (January 2012, in cooperation with WDR), at the festival "Beyond Europe XII" (September 2012) and in another special program with new films from North Africa in September 2013 - with a continuation at the festival "Beyond Europe XIII" (September 2014).

In the future, the list of film recommendations on political developments in North Africa will continue to grow.

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