Films for children, teenagers and school screenings

At all festivals and series featuring African films, FilmInitiativ also offers school screenings and children's programs whenever possible. The films listed below have proven to be particularly suitable.

The adventures of little Kiriku, told in colorful animations, never fail to inspire children, and at the same time they learn something about living conditions, fairy tales and myths in Africa. At the "Beyond Europe X" festival, the cinema was almost sold out with more than 200 first graders for a Kiriku film, and when the narrator announced the end of the story on the screen, a boy from the last row shouted, "No, please don't stop yet!"

The film about the little saleswoman of the "Sun" ("Soleil" is a daily newspaper in Senegal) also goes down well with children (ages 6 and up).

The multiple award-winning feature films "Ali Zaoua" about street children in the Moroccan port city of Casablanca and "Ouaga Saga" about kids in the capital of Burkina Faso are well suited for adolescents aged 12 and older.

For school screenings of the feature film "Soul Boy" - an adventure story from the Kenyan slum of Kibera - FilmInitiativ invited representatives of the Kenyan association "Neema International e.V." to talk to the students.

It turned out (as in previous screenings) that students like and appreciate the opportunity to talk about films with people who come from the respective African countries.
It is therefore also recommended that organizers elsewhere invite local interlocutors, e.g. from the respective African communities, to screenings in schools or for children.